01. february 2014

Riga is among the cheapest cities in Europe

The US Price of Travel analytical portal (gathers travel cost data) provided a rating of the cheapest European cities for rest and leisure, Europe Backpacker Index 2014.

The ranking is based on a daily budget to spend in a city. The cheapest was Bucharest ($ 24.69), and the most expensive was Zurich ($123.60). The budget covered the price of an overnight stay in a respectable conveniently-located economy-class hotel, two trips by public transport, visiting one attraction, three inexpensive courses (+20% onto the minimum price in case of a longer stay), three pints of beer or a glass of wine. Expenses for each item are stipulated in a national currency.

The capital of Latvia was rated 8th. The daily budget is $33.21 (EUR24.24).

Riga is still the only North European capital in the cheapest city top. Hotels, food and entertainment are inexpensive here. However, the prices may rise from 1st January, 2014 as Latvia has entered the Euro-Zone.

Source: forbes.ru

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