Family house on the shores of the Lake Langstini

Langstiņmuiža (English: “Langstiņi Mansion” pronounced as [Langstinmuizha]) will meet the demands of prestigious real estate connoisseurs. Refined and aristocratic lifestyle here was noted by many Latvian major VIP businessmen.

Langstiņmuiža village is situated in the pine wood within 15km from the centre of Riga. The simplest way to get to Langstiņmuiža is to go along Brīvības Street towards Jugla district, turn right after the second large viaduct towards the LANGSTIŅI sign and go along Elenburgas Street.

Langstiņi, one of the purest lakes in Latvia, an excellent place for swimming and family recreation, is located as far as 200m away from the village. Here, there are equipped volleyball grounds, a berth, playground and a wonderful picnic area. Century-old pines fill the air with their fragrance, creating a unique atmosphere of harmony and comfort.


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Properties in Latvia, Developer LAND & HOME Baltic Real Estate. Residential village Langstinmuiza. Cottages near Riga, Latvia. Cottages with lakeside location in pine forest.
14 plots, 1200 to 1500 m2, for standard
and personalised construction projects.
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It takes about 25 minutes to drive from the centre of Riga to Langstiņmuiža and 5 minutes to drive from the border of Riga (Jugla district).


Real estate near Langstiņi Lake can be described as high-profile; local premium-class cottages are as prestigious as those in Jūrmala.

An access to the forest will be provided to village dwellers. Local woods are protected by the “Latvijas valsts meži” state joint-stock company. Roads and pavements in the village are pitched and will be illuminated when it is dark.

There are all necessary amenities in the village, i.e. each plot will be provided with electricity, gas, central water supply and Internet connection.

As there is scheduled public transport (bus no. 28) and convenient access roads to the village, you may enjoy comfortable countryside life and reach any necessary location in Riga, e.g. school, nursery, university, recreation or spa complex, shopping centre, restaurant or gym, easily if needed.



Construction of 2-story cottages with an attic is permitted in the village.


To preserve the balanced architectural look of the village, a cottage project is to be approved by the developer. When buying a plot, you are shown a house project from our catalogue.