23. january 2014

Christmas holidays: Russian citizens spend their money in the Baltic States more often

During the festive holidays, Russians tend to spend their money in Britain and the Baltic States, while the largest amounts were spent in Italy and the USA. On the contrary, transactions demonstrate a slowdown in Russia during the holidays. This conclusion was made by VTB24 Bank’s analysts who have studied transactions made by cardholders.

The press release stipulates that currently, VTB24 supports more than 12 million customers, and the bank is represented in 72 regions of the country. Therefore, foreign transactions made by the cardholders are not only the internal bank’s statistics, but also a means to describe the tourism preferences of the Russians as such.

The greater number of such transactions is made in other countries:

1. Latvia (more than 12,000 transactions).
2. Estonia (more than 11,000 transactions).
3. England (more than 8,000 transactions).

Source: delfi.lv