Berģu SKATI: Bit of swiss

Family house village by the lake in a pine forest

Imagine a place that combines Switzerland’s calm and steadiness, sense of privacy and sunshine pouring into the amber forest air. It is Berģu skati (English: “Berģi View”), an elite cottage village that will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of a big city and let you enjoy beautiful nature.

As there are plenty of waters and pine woods and no industrial areas nearby, one of the main benefits of Berģu skati is its perfect environmental condition and its crystal-clear air that recalls Swiss Alpine freshness. A local lake attracts swans, these royal birds often visit the village’s surroundings, they have found their place here, and their silhouettes supplement the scenery as in a fairy tale.

Mainly Latvian political and diplomatic elite live near the lake, therefore, this place is often referred to as a “diplomatic village”.


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It takes about 25 minutes to drive from the centre of Riga to Berģu skati and 5 minutes to drive from the border of Riga (Jugla district).


There will be a separate path to the lake, berth and comfortable recreation site for Berģu skati village dwellers. Note convenient access roads to each plot and illuminated pitched roads and pavements in the village.

There are all the necessary amenities in the village, i.e. each plot will be provided with electricity, gas, Rīgas ūdens central water supply and Internet connection.

Century-old pines that remain in the plots overlook the village’s private residences and hold in the quietness of their owners’ carefree life. A park in the wood adjacent to the village is planned. Thanks to its unique relief, the forest turns into a ski slope in the winter.

You may enjoy comfortable countryside life near the capital of Latvia and reach any necessary location, e.g. school, nursery, university, recreation or spa complex, shopping centre, restaurant or gym, easily if needed.



Construction of up to 3-story cottages is permitted here, however, thanks to ground features, there is an opportunity to build 5-level properties.


To preserve the balanced architectural look of the village, a cottage project is to be approved by the developer. When buying a plot, you are shown a house project from our catalogue.