24. april 2014

Residence permit: increased demand among Russians

Compared with the previous year, this year the number of foreigners who apply for a residence permit in Latvia has increased significantly. By April, 24,758 applications have been received, and applicants request residence permits for 1,736 persons, mostly Russians, Undine Priekule, a representative of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, outlines.

As a comparison, the OCMA received 449 residence permit applications during the first four months of 2013.

This year, as of now, a residence permit has been issued to 1,225 persons, and 26 persons were refused a residence permit. 351 applications for a residence permit are being considered, and in 133 cases, the response time period was extended.

Russian citizens are leading (1118) among the applicants for a residence permit this year. They are followed by citizens of China (273), Ukraine (123) and Uzbekistan (80). Citizens of Angola, Serbia, and Egypt each submitted one request, two requests were received from citizens of Iran and three requests were submitted by the citizens of Afghanistan.

Source: lanida.lv

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