Family house village in Marupe

Mārupes Zeltiņlejas is a village of private cottages where you can enjoy the countryside near Riga city centre. Fresh air and the beauty of nature in the vicinity of the city infrastructure will give you a perfect opportunity to spend some lovely time with your family.

A recreation area for Mārupes Zeltiņlejas dwellers will be set up: a volleyball court and a children’s playground. The infrastructure of Mārupes Zeltiņlejas will include all modern amenities necessary to make countryside life comfortable: gas, electricity, water and pipework. In the future, a lit-up road and convenient access roads to plots will be organised within the village.


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Luxury real estate. Company LAND & HOME Construction. Cottage village near Riga - Marupes Zeltinlejas. New village of private houses near Riga.
19 plots, 1200 to 2000 m2,
for standard and personalised construction projects.
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  • 191243 м2


Riga International Airport is within a 7-minute drive, and Riga city centre and the Jurmala resort are within just 10 minutes.


Today, Marupe is one of the most popular and convenient places for countryside life. Thanks to its location, status and perfect ecology, Marupe has become one of the most sought-after places atRiga's surroundings.

There are schools and nurseries near Mārupes Zeltiņlejas. The Spice Trading Centre and the Bowlero entertainment complex with bowling lanes and a fitness club are within 5 minutes. A cutting-edge ACB tennis club and the 32. Augusta popular restaurant are just a few steps away from Mārupes Ziedlejas.



When buying a plot, you are shown a house project from our catalogue.


Construction of up to 3-story cottages is permitted here.